Why you should consider installing camera eyes to help track crime

Fort Lauderdale PD is in the process of installing wireless cameras in the beach area and a downtown section of the city.

Fort Lauderdale’s Detective Karl Maracotta says, “We believe these cameras will allow us to see more of what is taking place and collect data. The beach is a high traffic area with a lot of tourists.”

The Fort Lauderdale PD is using WildFire Camera Networks and hopes the cameras will provide a better view of the city’s busiest areas. WildFire is a wireless video-surveillance camera company that specializes in designing, building and managing city-wide and county-wide high-speed wireless camera networks for municipal governments and their law enforcement and emergency response agencies.

These wireless networks enable WildFire’s low-cost, high resolution wireless video surveillance cameras to be deployed almost anywhere in a city or county, while being connected back to a single, centralized Network Video Recorder located at the agency’s central dispatch location. There personnel can monitor and record the video at the highest possible video-quality level, according to WildFire’s website.

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