WildFire Camera Networks launches new website

WildFire Camera Networks (WFCN), a Charlotte-NC based company that provides wireless camera networks, announced today the launch of a new responsive website.

The new redesign at www.WildFireCameraNetworks.com was built to give the website a much cleaner look and feel and to accommodate the increase in mobile traffic. The responsive design allows users on desktop, mobile or tablet to have the same user experience regardless of device.

“More and more of our customers and potential customers are getting information about our company through their desktop computer or mobile device,” said Bob Dunlap, Founder/CEO of WildFire Camera Networks. “It was necessary to build a website that could give these customers the necessary information at their fingertips. This new website will be a valuable tool for us moving forward.”

WFCN is a wireless video surveillance camera company that designs, builds and manages city-wide & county-wide camera networks for city and county governments and their law enforcement, school, emergency response and public housing agencies. WFCN custom-design and turnkey-build WiFi-based wireless data networks that deliver the following applications to our customers:

 WFCN utilizes digital, IP-based Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) & fixed high-resolution (30 fps) megapixel video surveillance cameras, all with manual remote-control capabilities. All networks include a centralized NVR (Network Video Recorder) located at police, sheriff, school district or public housing agency headquarters to monitor, record & playback 30fps network video.

WFCN deploys Mobile Command Posts that enable interior PTZ cameras (at schools, malls & banks) to be monitored & remote-controlled by police during crisis management situations. The WFCN rollout also includes police hotspots that enable patrolling officers to manually remote-control wireless cameras from their in-car laptops and handheld devices anywhere across the network.