Our Team

Bob Dunlap – Founder & CEO

Bob has been a technology entrepreneur for over 30 years and has raised approximately $50 million in venture funding for his start-up and mezzanine stage technology companies during that period. He was founder and CEO of a national wireless internet service provider (WISP) company (MultiNet Connections) that built WiFi systems in the downtown areas of fourteen of the largest Southeastern cities, a national cable TV company (PSTV) that developed and sold almost 200 small cable TV systems to Time Warner and a domestic satellite-based wireless data network management company (TEI SkyNetworks), which served numerous Fortune 500 companies before partnering with a British public company to restructure as an international joint-venture company. As Chairman and CEO of Racal-Milgo SkyNetworks, Bob led the company for three years before TEI SkyNetworks’ ownership interest (50%) was acquired by partner Racal Electronics, PLC. Racal was the original parent company of Vodafone, currently the world’s largest cellular phone service provider.

In his current role as CEO of WildFire Connections, LLC, d/b/a WildFire Camera Networks, Bob provides the strategic direction for the Company as it implements its national expansion program and builds company value for its stakeholders.

Ernie Feik - Chief Technology Officer

Ernie is an electrical engineer who has been in the Radio Frequency (RF) field for over 30 years. Before joining WildFire over four years ago, he served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for several national and international technology companies and was responsible for the development and filing of their RF technology patents, including Micro TRAK GPS, Inc., a publically traded Dallas-based company.

In his role at WildFire, he has the responsibility for all day-to-day technical operations and the Company’s aggressive Research & Development programs. The overall technical operations team includes new customer installations and ongoing customer service, each with multiple team leaders that manage their particular function and report to Ernie. His R&D team continues to drive the key technical innovations that enable us to stay ahead of any future competition and to sustain the unique blend of disruptive-pricing and high-quality wireless technology products we currently offer. This R&D capability has served to position us as a pioneer and the current leader in this new, already fast growing segment of the video surveillance camera industry.