About Us

WildFire Camera Networks is a wireless IP data networking company specializing in designing, building and managing city-wide & county-wide wireless camera networks for city and county governments and their law enforcement agencies. We are setting the standard on a nationwide basis for wireless camera networks that will bring local law enforcement, public housing and the entire local private-sector together into a city or county wide public-private partnership to deliver an advanced public-safety technology tool across the entire community.

These stand-alone wireless data networks enable WildFire’s low-cost, high-resolution wireless video surveillance cameras to be deployed virtually anywhere across a given city or county area, while being connected back to a single, centralized Network Video Recorder (NVR) located at the agency’s central dispatch location, where they can monitor and record the video at the highest possible video-quality level, 30 fps (frames/second). WildFire’s VMS software also offers many advanced features, such as auto alarm notifications activated by motion-detection and remote-viewing, recorded video playback and manual remote-control of wireless cameras by officers in the field.

High-speed “Police Hotspots,” strategically deployed across their wireless network, enable officers from their in-car laptops and hand-held devices to manually remote-control WildFire wireless Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras from wherever they may be located across the city, county, property or campus….at 30 fps. Also, officers can use smartphones for these purposes in areas where 4G cellular coverage is available.

WildFire’s standard wireless camera network-based product line includes multi-megapixel, infrared (IR) wireless Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras, single and clustered fixed dome cameras (with up to 360 degree, full-time video coverage) and License Plate Reader (LPR) cameras. To add to their deployment flexibility, WildFire has recently announced that each wireless camera in their product line is now available in a solar-powered version.

WildFire also offers a Wireless Video Command Post configuration, which is an incident-in-progress management tool for setting up onsite perimeters on school campuses, at regional malls, banks, etc. This technology can enable local law enforcement to access, view and remotely control interior cameras within these facilities from their mobile command post vehicles at their perimeter locations while a hostage or active-shooter incident is in progress.

These and many other WildFire wireless camera network capabilities collectively deliver a substantial force-multiplier effect to any law enforcement agency that elects to utilize these advanced wireless camera technology tools.

WildFire also sells their low-cost, high-resolution “police-quality” wireless video cameras and other wireless products to the private-sector in each local community it serves. These customers are often local public housing authorities, apartment complexes, HOAs, airports, banks, hospitals, campuses, office parks, commercial centers, resorts, marinas, and all other widespread venues where WildFire can offer them an appealing combination of property-wide wireless cameras and outdoor “Free Wi-Fi” high-speed wireless internet access services.

When local merchants and other business entities purchase their own WildFire wireless, solar powered cameras and become integrated into the police or sheriff-driven city-wide or county-wide wireless camera network as part of a local public-private partnership initiative, it becomes an inexpensive way for each local law enforcement agency to expand their own wireless camera network. Between this private-sector funding, WildFire’s WPI Program (WildFire-Provided Infrastructure), which is available only to law enforcement agencies, as well as other grants and financial resources available through WildFire, launching and expanding a WildFire City-Wide or County-Wide Wireless Camera Network in your community is relatively easy to accomplish from a financial standpoint.