Setting the Standard

for Wireless Camera Networks



WildFire Camera Networks is an IP data networking company specializing in designing, building and managing city-wide & county-wide wireless camera networks for city and county governments and their law enforcement agencies. Through the formation of creative public-private partnerships in the local communities we serve, WildFire is able to bring together their law enforcement, public housing authorities and the private-sector to deploy our advanced wireless technology tools across the entire city or county area, greatly enhancing local public-safety in the process. Accordingly, our police and sheriff department partners report results directly attributable to our technology deployments in crime reduction, in realizing a force-multiplier effect and improvements in officer-safety.   

WildFire is not only a pioneer in this relatively new segment of the video surveillance camera industry, we continue to set the national standard for wireless camera networks through our continued research & development programs. The most recent innovation announced by WildFire is our new line of solar-powered wireless cameras that can be installed virtually anywhere on a standalone basis.

WildFire is currently seeking new community partners through our aggressive national expansion program. We are interested in talking to you about all the benefits our public-private partnerships can bring to the table for your law enforcement agencies and for your community as a whole. These partnerships will bring direct financial assistance provided by WildFire, as well as from outside public and private grant sources.

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